Mlle M-F (extravaganza) wrote,
Mlle M-F


ahoy everyone!

just making a quick return for a single post, because. because.

typically i am not doing ANY type of advertising/publicity whatsoever for my print sales (which i'm doing very very very sporadically anyhow) but i figure this time around it really couldn't hurt. let's be honest here and claim out loud how sick i am of being in the ditch financially. being a student is starting to take its toll on me. ugh. so really, any help and support would come as tremendously appreciated.

note: because of above-stated lack of money, i did not list all prints that i'd normally be offering for sale. you can find the rest at...
  • my homepage; marie-go-round (mostly found through «collage» & «slight edit»).
  • anything else you may find interesting at my flickr account.
    if you happen to find a favorite somewhere through those sites and would like me to put it up on etsy, just ask away!

    if the prices at too high, feel free to contact me at extravaganza[at]gmail[dot]com and surely we can fix something.

    also, tell any potentially interested friends about it, too!

    p.s.: in the meantime of my friend ariel & i joining forces together in a maybe one day coming artsy association ;)~ do check out her own etsy page at

    :) thank you!!!

    [now going back to the catacombs]
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