Mlle M-F (extravaganza) wrote,
Mlle M-F

Tori Amos

Sun 10/21/07 Montreal, QC Place des Arts

Ticket sale info ANYWHERE?!
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I haven't been able to find ANYTHING. itunes did a presale this morning and it says other presales 'will be announced'. Ugh. I'm all flustered from London but I'm going to poke around on the forums tonight and see what I can find. I'll let you know.
Super, thanks!
I mean I wouldn't cry over not going but, I'm definitely feeling as though I'd enjoy that kind of blast from the past.
Yeah totally. And I'm kind of excited about this tour, the youtube clips seem far-out and everyone I know who saw her in Europe said it was really good. Wig changes, characters... none of this 'I'm gonna talk about burning sage and dreamcatchers and wear an outfit that looks like Princess Toadstool' crap. :DDD
GOOD. And hopefully no freakin fairies hanging by the stage cuz they ruined my «somewhere over the rainbow» back 6 years ago and it still feels as though that was yesterday, blarhhghgh.
GAH! I'll be scoping out infos. Pleeeeaaaaase keep me posted about this!
Ok! Hey are you going with anyone? If not care to be my concert buddy?
Of course! I know one of my friend, who is a HUGE Tori fan, was interested in going as well. I don't know if she can, but regardless, I'm up for the concert with you!
Yay. Looks like quite a few ppl would be interested in going now! Let's just wait to check on price, availability, etc.
Just bought your tickets?
Si tu y vas, je veux y aller avec toi! Puis si jamais je suis à l'extérieur pour le travail, je demanderai un congé un mois à l'avance pour être certaine.
Ça marche! La seule raison pour laquelle j'irais pas serait le prix, parce franchement j'ai aucune idée de quoi ça peut être, mais bon... reste à voir. Donc on se tient au courant.
J'oublie toujours de te dire!! Les billets sont en vente! J'ai pas pu en acheter plus que 2 (et ma soeur vient aussi) pour pouvoir avoir de bonnes places, malheureusement. :S Celà dit j'aimerais beaucoup beaucoup te voir là-bas tout de même.

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J'arrive à la même conclusion, malheureusement. Je crois que je vais continuer à vérifier le site de la Place des Arts au cours des prochains jours, on sait jamais, au cas qu'il y aurait une pré-vente non annoncée. Si j'apprend du nouveau je te/vous laisse savoir ASAP!

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Good!!! Merci. :D

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En vente CE SAMEDI!!