Mlle M-F (extravaganza) wrote,
Mlle M-F


Rarely do I ever pay attention to my horoscope, but;


In the evening I think I saw a shooting star. It was either that or a really bad skyrocket.

I went over at C & L to watch a movie and made too much popcorn and Pillsbury turnovers.

I really like to bike by the water past midnight in those ghost town-ish streets while listening to Queen.

Hazard: This IS what your hands will turn into despite all the soap and water in the world if you deliberatly cram your fingers inside a bottle of Infra Red™ ManicPanic without any gloves on, for you cannot care less.

This very unglamourous shot is being brought to you by yours shameless truly.
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Your hands may look weird, but the hair looks amazing!
It doesn't show on the picture because my hair is still wet but that red is just INSANE. I can't wait until it washes off a bit! That's just a little bit too much attention on me I think. Scary.
Ohh! I saw something in the sky as I was riding the cab back home! At first, I thought it was one of those plan that do those writing thingies with the smoke (whatever it is), but then I noticed it was wayyyy to far up in the sky and it keeps going straight down.

I wonder what that was... and if it's the same that you saw hehe.

lol your hand looks like you've been pigging out on Cheetos ;D
"lol your hand looks like you've been pigging out on Cheetos ;D"
Now I will have you know I actually came very very very close of writing something awfully similar to that! Hehhh.

Really you saw something as well? Straaaaaange. Did you make a wish? Hee. I did. I'm silly.
thats what my hands looked like for quite some years hahaha

nice color :)