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haha, are you sure about that?


Well, okay, those aren't mine so you won. :P
hahhaha yay!
what do i win?!
A free coffee at Starbucks... redeemable anytime from now (in any of the eight locations in Vienna) hahaha
Well, that is just wishful thinking on my part since I know you won't be able to come visit me in the near future... *sigh*

Your cats have talent. :D
oh fuck! i'm gonna have to keep that in mind for the next YEARS to come.
no problem... it won't expire as long as I'm living in Vienna ;) I want to meet you for coffee earlier than in a few years, though! You wouldn't happen to think about a trip to California this summer/fall, would you? Babsi won't be available for a road trip this time (she wants to spend time with her boyfriend) and other friends that I've asked had various reasons to not come along as well...
hahhaha this comment is going to be one month expired soon. :p but anyways, i'm not yet sure what i'm planning to do for my summer. i'd go to cali (or vegas!!) but only by bus (couldn't afford it any other way) though i wouldn't make that ride alone. there's too many creeps out there! so there's my dilemma. unless you'd take the plane to montreal instead and we could bus it down there? ;)
oh oh oh... let's talk about that. You possibly going to California would be sooo awesome. Right now it looks like I might not be able to go due to having to travel by myself (which wouldn't be a problem per se... it's just too expensive that way). Traveling from Montreal to California by bus actually sounds tempting in a way. I'll have to think about it and figure out if it's going to be possible time- and money-wise. How long and when (which month) would you have time?
Okay, I shouldn't get too excited about that yet but that's definitely something to consider! :)
i'm gonna have my whole summer free! i decided to put school on hiatus. it's been driving me insane for the last while so figured i needed a break and will be going back with the beginners group this autumn.

how much do you usually pay to do vienna/LA? i can try to see what options we would have price wise. or let me know how much you'd be willing to pay. i'm absolutely broke myself right now but if we were to plan for say, august, maybe, then i figure it'd be fine.

I just checked my account and as of right now I have €3,69! That's rather pathetic and sad...

Usually I paid €700-800 but this year it would be closer to €1000. If it's more than that I'll have to postpone the whole trip or limit myself to the East coast...

Good to know that you're flexible time-wise. I was planning my trip for September but since my parents are going to Japan I have to take care of their dog. So, late July until mid August would seem like a good time right now (despite the higher prices for travel+accommodation).

There are a few things I have to think about before I can start any actual planning so it's probably better not to get all excited about it quite yet... *sigh*

Would traveling on ground there and by air back be an option for you? Or is this going to be too expensive with the one-way ticket?
ok so €800 would equal approx $1,100US.
worst comes to worst i think you could get a flight to NYC (we'd be meeting up at their bus station if anything) for approx $725US w/ taxes, then round-trip bus be would be approx $280US, which would pretty much come to that altogether.

i reaaaally don't think i could afford plane at all this time around, otherwise i would! even though the idea of a road trip seems a whole lot more exciting. esp when you're into photography. ^.~
Yes, starting the trip from NYC would be another good idea. Hm, wouldn't the greyhoundbus-pass be better than a round-trip ticket? With the pass we could get on and off as often as we want to and wherever there is a nice place to take pictures. ;)
Very neat! And very pretty cats!
they are gorgeous! what are they named?
oh they have many names.
the orange one is tatanou but sometimes tati/orange/tchapoupi/gros thon.
the white one is poupine/nounoune/tite mimine etc etc.